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In today’s hectic and crazy world stress is a killer. Every single day you get into your car, train or other mode of transport. You put on your game face and enter what is collectively known as the “rat race”. You then come home to the simple joys of family where little Johnny has again fed a peanut butter sandwich to the DVD player and your wife needs you to take out the trash.

Perhaps it is time to shed the cares and worries of your everyday self and step into the glories of nature and pit yourself in battle against formidable and powerful foes and enjoy the physical challenge of man against beast, while resting your mind and relaxing your spirit.

Carol, my wife, with her 40lb King Salmon. No kidding, she wasn't even planning to fish on our Alaska trip. See her smile?

Carol with her personal best - a 40lb king salmon

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." — Mark Twain

For some of us relaxation means lying prone on a beach somewhere sipping your favorite beverage and soaking up the rays. . . well, the Free Trip Planner has something for you in places like Costa Rica, Cabo San Lucas, and Alaska. While the hard core are fishing, you can relax in the sun. . . well, maybe not in Alaska.

We have many fine outfitters ready to book your memorable trip to some fantastic destinations.

If your particular brand of relaxation leans more toward beautiful scenery and intense battles of man against nature then you have definitely come to the right place. I caught 14 king salmon during one day of Nushagak River fishing!

Ray with more great king salmon fishing - notice the rod bending action!

I am the Free Trip Planner and I want to tell you all about the thrilling, exciting and absolutely stunning trips we offer to ease your spirit and refresh your world weary soul. Nature in all her glorious bounty offers unparalleled chances to test yourself, gaze rapturously into the abyss and above all relax!

Action Fishing Trips

With action fishing trips available around the globe you can easily choose the exotic location and fish of your wildest dreams. Pit your skills against the wily and cunning Marlin or fly fish from a quiet creek bank in the wildest heart of Canada. We have trips ranging from luxurious lodges serving 5 star meals to rough camping, as well as fly-in-fishing trips for remote adventures.

Nushagak float plane arrival


Big game abounds and we take you to it. Our hunting adventures include such game as elk hunting, white tail and even more exotic species such as the African 5. Just let us know what your passion is and we will find you a trip to match.


Nature in all of its splendor can be both terrible and soul wrenchingly beautiful and sometimes the best, no the only way to really experience it is by walking through its unchartered back roads. Free trip planner can help you plan that special trip.

Photo Safari

Lights, Camera Action

Katmai National Park bear viewing

Bear Viewing at Katmai National Park

For some the most thrilling way to capture the abundance of the world is through the digital film and our photo safaris all around the world will take you to the places where capturing the action is almost guaranteed. Read about our bear watching Alaska trip at Katmai National Park.


If your picture of Heaven includes lying on your back watching the sky float by at peace with the world and then being plunged into a writhing frothing fury then you are in luck. We have both relaxing nature lover’s rafting tours as well as adventurous white water trips.

As your Free Trip Planner, I can help you with Corporate Trips, family vacations, or just a few days away from it all. Please read more about our Trips below.

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